We are a non-profit that provides culturally-relevant programs and services for the social, economic, cultural and political well-being of Indigenous Women.

Our primary objectives are to advocate on behalf of Indigenous women, to promote awareness of issues through education and training, and to foster a sense of community.

We achieve this through shared dialogue, sewing circles, culture camps, mentorship programs, workshops and conferences.







We want to share diverse wisdom, legends, medicine, recipes and more from Indigenous people of the Yukon.

We have invited a wide range of Yukon storytellers to talk about topics of their choice.

Some common themes are land claims, the history of Yukon First Nations, and traditional roles of First Nation women and men.

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Mark Wedge

Residential School & Life on the Land

Effie Charlie


by John Edwards

(903) 268-9211

Southern Tutchone & Creator’s Gift

by Betsy Jackson


School & Youth

by Mary Decker

(450) 275-2599


by William Carlick

Land Claims & Governance

by Mary Jane Jim

Life & Education

by Marion Schafer

Nutrition & Spirituality

by Doris McLean

Language Revitalization

by Shirley Adamson



by Mary Decker


by Temira Vance


by Norm Adamson